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Colorful Lights

Key Artists and Works

Retro-Futurism has inspired many artists and iconic works. Explore these key figures and their contributions to the movement.

Explore these artists and their works to get a deeper understanding of Retro-Futurism.

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  • Sydney Jay Mead was an American industrial designer and neo-futurist concept artist.

  • Syd Mead is widely regarded as the most creative industrial designer in history. 

  • He made designs for science-fiction films such as Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron.


Norman Bel Geddes was an American theatrical and industrial designer, described in 2012 by the New York Times as "a brilliant craftsman and draftsman, a master of style, the 20th century’s Leonardo da Vinci".




  • An architect and designer whose work epitomized the sleek, futuristic style of mid-century modernism.

  • Iconic projects include the TWA Flight Center and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
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